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Male Extra is at the forefront of delivering great results for the bigger erections, harder and the best performance ever. For nine years since it was first released, Male Extra has sold over 12 million bottles to 150 thousand subscribers worldwide. This is evident that men who experience sexual health problems, believe that Male Extra is able to overcome the problem. They are happy with the results and this makes Male Extra the best male enhancement product on the market.

Male Extra becomes one of the best penis enlargement pills and best sexual performance enhancer in the market. Made from 100% pure and natural ingredients that are proven to work effectively deliver the desired results by men and without side effects. In addition to helping men in achieving harder and bigger erections, Male Extra also also helps men in improving their stamina and libido so it will add pleasure when having sexual intercourse with their partner.

Benefits of using Male Extra:

  • Increase Sexual Passion
  • Increase Durability
  • Increase Erection Size
  • Increases Sperm Volume
  • Improving Sexual Pleasure

Although there are various methods that can be used to increase the size of erection, the use of pills is considered as the best solution because it will get two benefits at once. In addition to getting the size of the erection you want, you will also benefit on improving sexual performance thoroughly.

How does Male Extra Work

Satisfaction sek you can get if you have a hard erection and endurance stamina. To get a hard erection, it takes a sufficient supply of blood flow that makes the erection strong. Male Extra can do it !! Using the composition of proven natural ingredients, Male Extra is able to increase the size and hardness of erections by increasing blood flow to the penis.

The penis has an erectile tissue called the Corpora Cavernosa, where the tissue will be filled by blood when it is aroused so that the penis will be erect. The more erectile tissue filled with blood the penis gets bigger and harder. Male Extra works by expanding blood vessels and accelerating blood flow to the penis so you will have a bigger and harder penis and allow you to get a stronger and more intense orgasm.

Other benefits you can get from Male Extra in addition to increased size and hardness of the penis, your sexual performance will experience a significant increase. Stronger stamina, increased desire and sexual arousal, this is because the nutrients in Male Extra really work so you will have tremendous endurance when having sex.

The Most Powerful Male Improvement Formula

Selection of L-Arginine and ellagic acid pomegranate is the key to making Male Extra successful in helping men get bigger erections. These materials are specifically selected for their ability to significantly increase the production of nitric oxide in the body. Where nitric oxide is helpful in widening the blood vessels so that the blood supply to the penis will become smoother and make the erection chamber will quickly fill up.

Hence why Male Extra is considered the most powerful penis-level enhancement supplement and actually provides evidence in increasing penis size. You will only get this powerful nitric oxide reinforcement material in Male Extra. To find out other ingredients contained in Male Extra, here is the composition:

Pomegranate – A 70% ellagic grade of this fruit is present in this product. A total of 500mg of this fruit per dosage is supplied. This fruit is thought to be a “natural Viagra.” It helps increase nitric oxide and maintains blood vessels. It also helps boost sex drive.

L-arginine -This is an essential amino acid that helps produce the same agent as is present in pomegranate-nitric oxide. This substance helps produce hard erections as it dilates blood vessels and sends blood to penile tissue.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) – If a man wants to improve his overall sexual health this product that has MSM in it helps restore cell walls so fluids that need to pass through them can do so more easily. This substance can also repair worn or damaged joint cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. In the process, new cells are produced.

L-Methionine – It is very important for maintaining cellular energy. It often works well in conjunction with Glycine to form a substance called Creatine. This is what produces energy needed to contract and expand muscles in order to maintain high energy and stamina.

Cordyceps – In a double-blind study, this substance was proved to significantly improve sexual function. 65% of users experienced a noticeable improvement in performance. It helps relax the muscles of the penis and helps increase blood flow.

Zinc – Zinc in the body plays an important role in producing testosterone. In sex life, the lack of testosterone can decrease your libido. Zinc in Male Extra works to help protect you from zinc deficiency so it can keep your testosterone at a healthy level and you will get a heightened sexual arousal.

Niacin – Niacin is known as vitamin B3, a study has shown that niacin works by increasing blood flow by helping to develop and relax the blood vessels. With extraordinary working methods, the addition of Niacin to Male Extra helps you maintain erections and help improve your stamina.

Get Big Results with Male Extra

With Male Extra you can provide the satisfaction that your partner really wants with a harder, bigger erection and extraordinary endurance. The unique blend of ingredients found in Male Extra is the key to outstanding achievement so you can get the results you want.

Many of the customers have reported voluntarily after using Male Extra and they are satisfied with the results achieved. They reported an increase in the size of their penis to be longer between 0.8 to 2.6 inches over a 3-6 month period by using Male Extra regularly every day.

Male Extra gives you permanent results on increasing your penis size, so you will get a bigger erection, harder, intense orgasms to your sex drive and endless stamina. Only with Male Extra will you get amazing results.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

Unlike any other Male Extra reviews that list pros only, I have outlined the pros and the CONS so you can weight things up:


  • It can give you a 3 inches increase in penis length and girth and the results comes fastmale extra reviews
  • It has organic ingredients that are proven to give you not only the length and hardness but the needed endurance as well
  • It helps you control your ejaculation
  • You can use it no matter how old you are and you can stop using it when desired length is achieved
  • It has 90 pills in the box
  • You won’t get embarrassed because it will be shipped discreetly
  • It is bundled with free DVD for male enhancement and gives you free access online
  • Has natural ingredients so there should no worries about getting any type of harsh effects
  • 100 day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support


  • Male Extra Comes With A Price
  • One month supply costs $59.95. It is more expensive compared to other male enhancement products. However if you buy in bulk you get the better price: $38 per bottle (and lots of additional bonuses as well)
  • Available Online Only
  • UK Based Company

Male Extra Price

If you purchase the Male Extra Supplement for 1 bottle of supply, you will be charged a rate of $ 64.95.
You will get a bonus and save money if you buy Male Extra for 3 Bottles of Supply. You will only be charged for $ 197.95 plus you will get Free 1 Bottle Male Extra and 1 ProErection Gel.
In addition you can get the ultimate package at a cost of $ 249.90. The package includes 4 Bottles Male Extra, with bonus 2 Free Male Extra and 2 Free Gel ProErection !!

My Conclusion

Doing lots of research to create my own Male Extra review is quite tiresome but I hope you guys will benefit from it. The product worked for me and I can truly say that it went beyond my expectation.

However, what I can honestly suggest for you is to ask your doctor first before you try the pills. True to its word that it uses natural ingredients but Male Extra cannot guarantee if these ingredients will not have any form of allergic reaction to your body. Also, i strongly recommend you to do male enhancement exercises that come with each order

Most Male Extra Reviews don’t give out this information. Nevertheless, my own review and most Male Extra reviews agree on one thing; Male Extra works.

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